Wednesday 29 September 2010

After an unintended break of 2 years........

26th November, 2008 - The day i wrote my last blog

i did not have any idea that my life is going to undergo a drastic change when i wrote the last blog. It had been three years since i had taken my last break and was looking forward to another one of those long breaks which helps me to rejuvenate, re-prioritize and re-energize.

I had thought that i would never give up blogging.............but....

The plan for that break was very simple:

41 days of vrutham(strict adherence to fasting) and then a pilgrimage to Sabarimala. My earlier experiences have had a very calming and humbling influence and i intently, every year, look forward to the pilgrimage. I have even been ridiculed for being too young to be so intently ritualistic about the vrutham.


To attend my cousin's wedding - ended up doing a whole lot more than only attending and which i enjoyed thoroughly.

14th January, 2009

12:00 Noon

We, I and my cousin, are both ready to travel back to Hyderabad - my karmabhoomi. The train is at 2:30 PM IST and

12:15 PM

I get a call from my office in Mumbai that my boss urgently needs to talk to me.

I decide to reach Hyderabad and then talk as i would not have been of any help after a long gap.

12:30 PM

Someone again tries to reach out to me from office and i royally ignore the call until a point when my dad insists that i should be calling back. I do.

1:00 PM

I call my boss on my way to the railway station, Shornur. I am instructed to abort my trip to Hyderabad and instead fly down to Mumbai immediately.

That evening i landed in Mumbai - the city of dreams, and i realised how i love Mumbai and how i have missed Mumbai, for the 6 months that i had been away in the last 10 years....

Mumbai - made me forget that i had started blogging and should continue
Mumbai - reunited with friends, whom i missed
Mumbai - i love the anonymity that it provides like no other city in India
Mumbai - i love the fact that i do not know any of my neighbours in my building
Mumbai - life revolves round malls, pubs, restaurants, movies, cricket, beaches, friends and more friends..............................................................

I believe in destiny......i believe that there is a reason for everything.....the reason for me to start blogging was Sreejith(i have earlier mentioned his name in one of my earlier blogs) the reason for me to come back here and publish a post is his wife.......

This one is a drag hope i could come back with some interesting ones at the earliest....

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